Three days away from NGS garden opening!

Thu 5 June

What occurs to me close to my National Garden Scheme open day is how does the kind of frantic gardening I am doing differ from housework? Not a lot! I am doing everything I can to make every bit of the garden look as pretty as possible and to make sure there is a maximum of colour and not a single leaf out of place. I am out with the dustpan and brush sweeping up the mess and picking off every leaf that is looking dead or discoloured. In particular I’m deadheading the roses – tickling them to see whether they are about to drop petals all over the place.

What to do next? Complete the planting of those plants that should be in the borders or should be repotted into good pots. That is my first priority. I have been so busy that my lunch has been delayed to 3pm. I am sorting out the plants that are going to be for sale and those I am going to keep or plant in the borders.

I had to sort out a wild hop that was threatening my garden from the neighbour’s garden. To do it I had to stand on top of the garden wall and carefully extract it from my little mountain ash and clematis. My neighbours need a decent gardener. I would charge only £25 an hour!

The hop – for which BM is really to blame, having imported one from the Cambridgeshire hedgerows – has provided a lot of raw material for making compost, and I am trying to keep as much of such material as possible rather than give it to the council in the brown bin. I realise now that I need as much compost as I can muster. My soil needs improvement and I intend to use compost made on the allotment in the garden next year.

2 thoughts on “Three days away from NGS garden opening!”

  1. Interesting to see how this new NT garden has evolved in the last few months – there were still no plants in July. Lovely renewal of the urban landscape. Great historic house to visit too.

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