Making the most of organic matter

Tue 10 June

I went down to the allotment on my bike today taking with me a bag full of kitchen and garden waste for my big compost heap. The one in the garden is small and pretty full most of the time, and I want to avoid giving the council too much of my compostable waste.

On the way I was also able to collect a large bag of wood chippings from the woodland surrounding Hackney marshes. There are piles of chipped wood where they have been thinning the shelter belts. They often use the chips to make path surfaces or quite often just leave them to rot. I was particularly looking for some older stuff which was moist and part rotted to act as a mulch. I put this on my dahlias, iris cuttings and courgette plants because the soil is looking pretty dry on these warm summer days. I also use it to make paths on my allotment, underlain by old carpet, but the newer stuff is best for this.

I had not much time for watering today but picked some broad beans and strawberries. I need to do some feeding and watering in the near future, as well as make repairs to the raised beds.

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